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Aga Khan asks followers to build good relations with other communities — 36 Comments

  1. Congrats to all our Muslim siblings and sisters. We have to center, comprehend and take after on the center messages what is being said. Solidarity among yourself and individuals around you, so how about we attract little thoughtfulness regarding this. It implies the greater part of Allah’s creation Muslims, non-Muslims and the greater part of the great things we have been honored with is to share and acknowledge with authentic love, regard, and cooperating to take care of societal issues.

  2. Congratulations to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. We need to focus, understand and follow on the core messages what is being said. UNITY amongst yourself and people around you, so let’s draw little attention to this. It means all of Allah’s creation Muslims, non-Muslims and all of the good things we have been blessed with is to share and appreciate with genuine love, respect, and working together to solve societal problems.
    Second thing is to educate our all of our brothers and sisters in the family and all of people around us. The weak poor and less fortunate ones too. Think about it that it is the only way a family and society around us can progress collectively and live in peace, love, dignity respect and work together as one brothers and sisters.
    Another thing is to work hard not only for your family but all of society in general to make a better future for generations to come. Remember we are responsible for our own destiny. Lots of Mubarak to all our Chitral and Booni brothers and sisters by showing a true and genuine spirit during H. H. Karim al Hussaini Imam e Zaman. We all hope this spirits stays amongst you all for-ever and may you and all of your coming generations benefits in Deen and Duniya and follow and genuinely practice true Islam.

    Noor Ali Jooma

  3. Congratulations to chitral jamat for showing peace and unity in Didar.
    Thanks Mr.Jalaluddin Shamil sahib for airing and Sharing His Highness message.
    Mubaraki and thanks to all volunteers.
    God bless you all.

  4. Big Big Appreciate for Journalists writers, commentators, well wishers and the great people who contributed in any way. my salute to you all. Keep it up and go ahead for good and to avoid all the jealousness. thank u

  5. Shabaash Jalaluddin Shamil sb !for excellent erite – up on a high profile coverage.Keep it up .

  6. A big thank you to the Editor, Zar Alam Khan and Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil for reporting the visit and the address of His Royal Highness The Prince Karim Agakhan to Chitral. Congratulations for upholding your mission statement of maintaining excellence and balanced reporting. May Allah bless you all in His infinite mercy. Amen.

  7. Thank you for sharing the Speech. My hats off to the murids who sat from 2 am to 5 pm in the cold weather with so much discipline and patience. We have lots to learn f on them. Mowla bless them all. Amen. ?? Mubarakis

  8. Extraordinary discourse and farman for Daily way of life and education,medical awareness,social connection with everybody which business and dua o barkat for everybody.

  9. Alhumdulillah…
    We are blessed with a living Imam and having suggestions and direct Farameen for every Field of life….
    Thanks dear for summing up the Farman Mubarak…

  10. The big gathering ended in such a peaceful and organized way even people had to sit from 2am to 5pm in cold. nice report too.

  11. Thank you Mr.Jalaluddin Shamil sahib for airing and Sharing His Highness message.

  12. Jalal thank you very much for wonderfully summing up His Highness’s speech. The points have picked up are of paramount importance in terms of inter-communal relations. promoting education and ideas of cooperation and inclusiveness.

  13. Great speech and farman for Dailey lifestyle and educations,medical awareness,social relation with everyone which livelihood and dua o barkat for everyone one.