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Prince Aga Khan expected to visit Chitral next month — 29 Comments

  1. هزهاینس شاهزاده کریم اغاخان کا چترال دوره چترالیون کی مستقبل کیلی۶ دن دگنی راه چگنی هر لحاظ سی ترقی وکامرانی کا سبب بن سکتا هی- لیکن درحقیلقت شرط به هی تمام چترالییون مین خلوص اور محبت انتهای۶ لازم وملزوم هیلن اور انسانی اقلاقی اقدار کا خیال رکهنی مین ترقی کا راز پوشیده هی-یه آزموده بات که هزهاینس اغاخان کی باری مین نفرت انگیز اور اقلاقی اصولون کی منافی خیالات کااظهار تنزل ‘بربادی اور کم ازکم گونا گون پریشانیون کا سبب بن سکتا هی -کیونکه وه ایک نیک اور بهترین انسان هین لهذا بهت خیال رکهنیکی ضرورت هی? please

  2. With lots of love and blessings to the people of Chitral. I also request them to pray for the Ismailis the world over. Thanking you with kindest regards.

  3. Though I am not an Ismaili,but have worked with Ismailies closely.I have found them very loving people and full of humanity.No doubt that His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan has played a vital role in the field of Education, Culture, Health and human development in Pakistan in general and in Chitral in Particular.His Grandfather H.H Sultan Muhammad Shah has been one of the few founding fathers of Pakistan and the First President of All India Muslim League for nearly Seven Years.The current H.H Prince Karim has also never forgotten Pakistan.Currently he has ferociously denied the Indian Journalist’s claim that Pakistan is a ‘Terrorist Country’.
    We are equally happy with you and wellcome Prince Karim to Pakistan with the core of our hearts.We will support you in every respect for making His visit possible in Chitral.

  4. Good news, but factually not correct. No such visit is scheduled, rather HH the Aga Khan may visit Africa next month.

  5. People of Chitral in general and the Ismailis in particular shall be fortunate to have His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan in Chitral. We the people of Chitral welcome Him and wait for his visit anxiously.

  6. Alhamdullilah ya Allah. We Ismaili are very blessed and honored by the visit of our Hazar imam. May Allahtalla bless our imam with good health and a very long life.

  7. Aga Khan Family love Pakistan. Aga Khan III was born in Karachi. Prince Aly Khan was Pakistan permanent representative to UN. Prnce Karim had opened Aga Khan University and Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi besides many other educational health projects in northern Pakistan. We welcome Aga Khan to Pakistan.

  8. So many non Ismailis appreciate the work of His Highness.
    Let’s follow the great Muslim leader and hats off to Aga Khan family for the good work he is doing for Pakistan and world over.

  9. Hearty congratulations to all the Ismaili jamat in Pakistan.

    May Mawlana Hazar Imam also visit India and give us blessings

  10. Great news for Chitral and yes we owe a lot to this family – God bless the Aga Khan family always.

  11. His Highness is the benefactor of Chitral as well as whole Pakistan. Sir Aga Khan played active role in Pakistan Movement and was the first president of AIML. He contributed and collected donations for Aligarh University. After creation of Pakistan Aga Khan contributed immensely for promotion of education right from Balochistan coast to northern areas.
    Had AKDN not been there, people of Chitral and GB would have not attained the current state of progress. It will be our good luck if the His Highness spares time to visit Chitral once again. Not only the Ismaili community, we all people of Chitral will be welcoming him from the depth of our heart.

  12. It is a great pleasure for us all to avail the blessings of our beloved Imam. I also personally appreciate the optimistic words of Ghulam Mustafa sahb and hope the same amongst all the sects of Islam who have always been politicized for “Divide and Rule”

  13. Yes its indeed a good news.Mohtaram Ghulam Mustafa we appreciate your visionary thinking and approach.I am sure there will be no price of your sweet words and love.your permanent love will build a permanent bridge among different “School of thoughts”of Islam particularly in Chitral and widely in the globe.God bless you.

  14. Wow,Sweet news.it means that we have to apply for leave to visit chitral and avail the opportunity of Didar. Super excited..

  15. Great news for chitral and also pakistan may lord take care all the world great and good people. I will say most welcome I do also love you even im not ismaily.