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Love marriage: young woman married off to another man without divorce by first husband — 12 Comments

  1. It is admitted fact that cases both sides are pending before the Courts. But without touching facts and realities it is also against law and Sharia to contract second marriage when the first Nikah is disputed in Courts. This is not a new and strange incident that girl has denied the first Nikah but these have became fashion and trends that in our society girls are contracting Nikah without the consent of their parents and after the Nikah when the parents and influential forced the boy or girl they are changing their stances and record statements against each others. I think in this case this trend has repeated. But taking law in hands is against Sharia liable to be punished as per law of land.

  2. @akhtar; You mean in that case Hashwani was involved, therefore, that marriage contract had no validity or in other words you want to say “might is right?” If so I just want say, “hats off” to your thinking!

  3. When the issue is in the court, there is no point to rekindle it. Let the court to decide in the best interest of the area.

  4. @Ghafoor. I am well aware of the Afghan girl’s controversy and you must not link this incident with that of the Afgani girl. Did you why Hashwani took so much interest in that case? Why she was then allowed to stay in Marriott till she was sent off to Canada? Also the boy was asked to divorce the girl at gun point and then she was was sent off to Canada. In this particular case, the boy has not DIVORCED the girl. He has challenged the issue in the court and the court is yet to give its verdict. The family of the girl has failed to present witnesses to prove that the the nikahnama was fabricated. Let me repeat that girl is legally married to the boy and marrying her off to another boy is in no way ACCEPTABLE. If you think you are that influential like Hashwani, you should have forced the boy to divorce the girl first and then marry her off to whoever you like.

  5. Does Islam permits to marry off a married woman? And here in this case it is quite clear that the boy has gone to court because he has evidence to prove his nikkah with the woman otherwise you cannot knock the doors of the court? I would like to request learned religious scholars to intervene and settle the matter.

  6. @Ghafor: Let us suppose you are so much concerned about the two communities. But could you explain the case which is still pending before the civil judge in Booni, where the lawyer of the boy has also produced the nikahnama? can you deny that the movi is not involved in issuing fatwa that married woman can remarry?

    • @Akhtar, let’s wait for the statement of the girl, Nikahnama can b fabricated. The final choice of the girl must b asked before the court and the decision will b made accordingly.
      Let me take u back to 2007 and refresh ur memory, in a similiar case an Ismaili girl belonging to the Hazara tribe of Afghanistan by the name of Nilofer, used to work in a flower shop at Marriot Hotel Islamabad fell in love with a Sunni boy from Punjab and fled with him after carrying out a proper marriage contract. Ismaili community approached Sadruddin Hashwani (owner of PC Hotels) and the later utilised all all his power in mobilizing Punjab Police to hunt the most wanted person, whose sole crime was to fall in love with a girl belonging to Ismaili community. The search lasted for two months at a stretch and the poor guy was traced and thrown behind the bar. The girl was forcibly taken away and was sent to Canada. Now tell me guys which Molvi was involved in this incident, and what stopped u in criticising it?

  7. As far as I know about this case, the girl had disowned herself from the first marriage on the very second day of her marriage saying it was a forceful marriage and against her will. A few days ago the father of the same boy who with some others, made another attempt to abduct her. Upon this people of the area taking timely action intercepted their vehicle and rescued the girl. The girl was married to another boy from a nearby village upon her consent.
    I request to the admin of this site not to post such news which are baseless and far from reality and may create hatred between the two communities.

    • If the girl had disowned her first marriage with the boy, why she did not go to court to seek Khula? This was the legal way and she would have been given khula without any hurdle.

  8. Marrying a womam with another person without taking divorce from the present husband. No law allows it. The police is protecting those involved by not registering a case and not taking action against those involved.

    This is the problem of police in Chitral, which is expected to enforce the law without biases but it acts according to its own sectarian affiliation.

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