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PPP warns against unequal distribution of electricity — 3 Comments

  1. Where were the PPP leaders and workers from Chitral when their own Prime Minister Gillani diverted approved funds for Lawari Tunnel to his home city (Multan)? Why did they keep quiet at that time but now raising voice against Maghfirat Shah? The Nazim has not taken the electricity out of CHITRAL.

  2. Obviously M. Shah has won the election, he has got the upper hand, and it is his right to please the people of his own area first. Coding Quraan at this point makes no sense at all. Jamat islami is political party, every political party comes up with slogan. PPP was there with slogan of Roti Kapra and Makan for poor, After ZA Bhutto his followers ripped of the poor segment of the society on priority basis .. If anyone wants the electricity first in his area, he must win the election, that is how the politics works in almost everywhere .. when Hayatuallah khan was vocal against the power shortage, we did not see any PPP jiala actively participating in the campaign ..

  3. Qazi is right in his stand. Maghfirat Shah being the district Nazim is wrong this sense being partial to his private voters and bypassing the electricity issue of the town. Deputy Commissioner who is the head of district government is to be approached for this in injustice.