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Civil-military nexus – root cause — 6 Comments

  1. While the military establishment has always succeeded whenever it tried to overthrow the civilian government, it is an irony that the performance nosedives whenever its real test has come i.e. war with our arch rival India. We are literally burning billions of Rupees on keeping an over sized institution, but we are yet to get an inch of Kashmir from India (an example). Whenever there are signs of peace in the region which may potentially lead to decrease spending on defense, then out of no where the infamous “unprovoked fire from across border starts and a befitting reply is given” and the drama goes on. I wish Military had the same success ratio on its real turf i.e. War with enemy rather than making coups.

    • You are right but this article is not intended to support military establishment rather it is an attempt to make people realize about the main cause which provides opportunity to military establishment to come into power time and again. Why has military become so powerful at the first place? thats the question! i hope you may have found the answer in the aeticle