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Chitral’s failed poverty reduction strategies — 5 Comments

  1. What I meant by openness introduced by AKDN in my comment is be open to transparency,accountability and knowledge and and as well all decision makings shall be shared by the stakeholders.It is in in another word contrast to resistance or radicalization. Secondly,I have nothing to say about the deceased family,perished in an ill-fated plan crash in Havelian on December 7,2016.My only pray is that May Allah ,the Almighty,give them an eternal peace in the Heaven alongwith other victims.

  2. Very strange logic indeed. It is also dangerous because such logic shows biasness because you seem to be looking at things through the prism of your inborn prejudices.
    I am unable to understand how for each and every malady you point fingers at the AKDN or for that matter the AKRSP. My second bewilderment is, can any development expert, scholar and literary person say that people commit sin or shatter their values and norms such as selling off their daughters due to poverty? Comm on, have some shame. Can you tell me that going against your values and doing wrong things is the habit of a poor and the rich are angels?
    Every now and then people with such mentality start shouting that the AKDN institutions are spreading vulgarity and they should not be allowed to work in Chitral etc etc. Even they say that women visiting bazaar is haram and is a big vulgarity. Shame on your thinking. If I accept your mentality all people in big cities are vulgar and not good Muslims.
    This only surviving girl of the Garam Chashma family had been married to an man from outside Chitral and she ran back home against the wishes of her parents three months ago, according to Mr Islamuddin. He holds poverty as responsible for the tragedy that fell on the family, and the AKRSP and other NGOs were to be blamed. I can expect such a sweeping judgment from a hardline cleric but when it comes from you, Mr Islamauddin, I can only say you have some grudge towards the agencies and NGOs otherwise nobody can have such a one-sided approach to issues.
    Is marrying off daughters to outsiders without any information about the grooms is new and happened to this Garam Chashma family for the first time? Were those selling off their daughters to unknown outsiders belonged to a specific community of Chitral? Why you are linking such blots of the name of Chiral to poverty. A poor person can have an equal or even bigger sense of self-esteem, love and dignity than a rich man does and never compromise on his respect and values for money. Those who are selling their daughters have lust and greed for money. Moreover, they lack awareness and are taken astray by trick. The victims of this have been all the Chitralis irrespective of their religious, cultural and ethnic background.
    We need to create awareness among the people of Chitral and in the form of vigilant committees and groups especially through the social media can check this evil to save ourselves from being dubbed as sellers of daughters for money.
    Please forgive me if I have used any harsh words as I have no enmity with anyone and have lived abroad for over 30 years but I say all this because my heart pain when I see such things. I love my Chitral and want it prospers always.

  3. The living style of the deceased family was allegedly a breach of the social norms and involved in selling out daughters on account of poverty as depicted by Mr Islamuddin It is a slap on the face of affluent individuals, and the poverty reduction organizations either funded by AKDN or our government. Had they been provided by an honourable subsistence they would not stoop to that level of depravity. Mr Amin’s comments are self explanatory that AKRSP was resisted because it stands for openness. He is hundred percent correct because openness in the form of mixing men and women is a norm disapproved by the majority of the population. This sort of liberality sows the seed of family breakdown and moral depravity in our society.
    According to Mr Islamuddin, the Ismaili community had boycotted the deceased family because they had crossed moral norms on account of their ultra openness. openness in the sense of free mixing will lead to such casualties because ours is a culure totally different from that of the West.

  4. A good scholarly analysis by Mr.Islamuddin about the poverty reduction strategies adopted by different government and non government agencies since 1895,when Chitral became a princely state after negotiation of subsidiary alliance with the British Indian government. Before early 1880,s the state was the sole player in the poverty reduction process of the district,however with the introduction of AKDN institutions real changes began to appear in the life standard of the people of the target areas.It is a fact that government intervention in the development of Chitral has been minimal due to lack of interests on the part of government and public representatives and geographical remoteness of the area.The holistic strategies of AKDN heralded a new approaches in poverty reduction,health and education sectors of the district instead of resistance from hardliners.
    Although visible impacts are apparent,but can not be presented as indicators,envisaged by the founder of the AKDN,the His Highness.
    The need is improvement and strengthening of these democratic practices,such as transparency and accountability, on sound and sustainable basis,then we can cope with the aftershocks of poverty in a meaningful manner.
    It was unfortunate when some members of a politico-religious party staged protest against AKRSP interventions.These are not against AKRSP,but resist openness, a healthy and improved live standard of the people of Chitral and are pushing us to the stone age.Bcoz.AKRSP is considered to be the mother of NGOs in the district,despite of some limitations on its part.It along with AKESP,AKPHBP,Focus Humanitarian etc.gave awareness about our civic rights,leadership,entrepreneurship, healthy and safe life.After the passage of three decades the fruits and benifits of AKDN interventions are realised throughout the district.

  5. We were told that the six members of one family travelling to Islamabad by the crashed PIA plane on Dec. 7, 2016 and who met tragic death living behind a 14 year old girl, had to attend a wedding ceremony of their relative at Lahore. But, the story told here by Mr. Islamud Din narrates quite different reason of their journey. It just dawned upon me that God Almighty has saved the poor girl who had fled from the custody of her aged husband three months ago, against wishes of her parents. It is one of the heart-aching stories which Mr. Qazi Inayat has referred to on face book, to day. An eye opener for all of us.