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Chitral town residents look to ANP leader to end their hardships — 4 Comments

  1. KP government is busy to facilitate KHan sb dharna and nothing more. They have nothing to do with the problem of people and really they do not need that because they are looking towards the finger of third umpire. If there is third umpire why waste time to resolve problems of the people…Agar aqtidar logon ka baghair hi mil jaya to logon ka pas ja kar apny time ko kion waste kia jaya….PTI moto

  2. KP PTI govt is busy in Dharna politics instead of fixing problems in the province and especially it has step motherly relation with Chitral. After three years of govt it becomes clear that all the pervious govt of ANP, MMA etc were better than PTI KP govt. It gave nothing to KP and people of the province are completely helpless, while Khan is busy to topple federal government which is 100% better than KP PTI govt.

  3. Though the issue is serious and eye opening but blaming inefficiency of provincial government for that would be unfair. How about asking Saleem Khan why the bridges weren’t built? or how about asking our MNA Iftikhar Sab why he could not do it or the now a year old JI local government. People of Chitral bestow their votes on JI, JUIF, PPP, APML and expect PTI and PMLN to built their district for them. I think while we languish is abject poverty we should reflect on our electoral understanding and how wrong where we are.