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Sunni, Ismaili scholars highlight holy Prophet’s teachings — 4 Comments

  1. May Allah give courage to Sunies to show guts and jointly celebrate Immamat day or any other Ismaili religious festival with Ismaili brothers in any Jamat Khana in Chitral. Social cohesion is not possible unless social contract is not followed by every member of society to achieve common goal. Ismailies have always given sacrifices in past. They have been supressed, forced by ex-Suni rulers of Chitral to the extent that, many of them left their homeland and migrated to neighboring country to save their lives and beliefs. May Allah Give them more courage in this world, and reward them on the day of judgement for their courage ,patience, sacrifices to maintain peace and harmony in Chitral. Obviously common chitralies in sunni section have also played their role, but Mullahs and mawlanas with excetion of few, have not left any stone unturned to turn Chitral into hell.

  2. Collectively celebrating Islamic historical events is a good initiative leading towards ever lasting sectarian harmony in the district. Every peace loving Muslim appreciate such activity. At Booni joined celebration of Eid e Miladun- Nabi started some two three years back. I hope it continues to this day. The religious leaders must encourage and hail such kind of activities for harmonious coexistence and development of our beautiful Chitral.

  3. Appreciated, good gesture and shows harmony of chitarli people regardless of their beliefs. hats off to organizers and participants especially the Sunni leaders.