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Villagers try to cope with flood destructions — 1 Comment

  1. Darkhot and Chikan streams of Brep inundated about 30% of Brep a gateway to Yarkhun valley leading to Broghel pass in the extreme north of Chitral. It is famous for its fruits specially apple in Chitral and more in Pakistna. The flood of mud and heavy boulders that buried residential houses,land with standing crops, orchard, irrigation channels, electric poles and road are so heavy and thick that people working on self help basis cannot make it clear. People working on it say that rehabilitation of flooded road in kilometer shall be possible when it gets dry. Main issue here is protection of remaining village that is almost at the verge of destruction if courses of both the streams are not cleared and widened making flood pass through and fall into river uninterruptedly. The Government and non Government stakeholders should think over it seriously. As one of the flood effected person from Brep I met concerned officials of Pak Army/Chitral Scout in Chitral with request for relief to affected people in Brep, Khruzg and in Yarkhun and for rehabilitation of infrastructure as early as possible. Lets hope that concerned officials FWO might take action and enable restoration of roads and bridges and irrigation channels on priority basis.