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Carey vows to come back — 5 Comments

  1. It is so painfull to hear from Carey that she brazenly declares the achievements of Mr. langlands as a myth.If it is so the way you portray it then what about the scores of doctors, engineers and bureaucrats it has produced so far.
    May i venture to ask you Madame? what are your contributions?Firing a few teachers,sending one of them jail,increasing fees manyfold with heavy penalty in case of delay, errecting boundry wall in a haphazard way thats too under compulsion of govt.requirements,arranging concert programme at hotel in order to entertain your guests,extending financial bribery in the name of salary. Also tell me have you brought a single penny to this school? of course not.Then what about the money which you spend so levishly, so carelessly,so boastfully.It doesn’t belong to you.It belongs to Mr.langlands.If every thing belongs to langlands then you have no moral right to utter a single word against the great man.
    Your becoming principal was a mightmare and now my free of cost suggestion to you is that don’t ever think of coming back to chitral and do one more thing;extend unqualified apology to British people and pakistani people for maligning Mr.langlands because the man is revered equally in both countries.

  2. When we study in Langlands School, our school was bomb attacked many times, our English teachers warned to go back to England, they always afraid. Also block Dolomuch road many times. Yes accountant do big corruption in sir Langlands time but he never insult teacher like Miss Carey. He respect teachers and teachers respected him.


  3. After reading this article it is clear that Miss Carey jealous of Sir Langland fame & the whole topi drama of capt siraj is to divert ppl attention.
    Look what lady say about our Principal Langlands. She is like British imposter, knows nothing about running school. if she principal school in england, why she leave? tell me. She only knows to write book for money. If she come back, we will send her back from court. All decision she take illegal. That all ppl know & we not let TLSC become expensive school for rich only. This is Sir Langlands school, and court will also order, you will see.
    Miss Carey get 100 lives, then not equal one legendary Englishmen Sir GDlanglands.

  4. Nice to hear that Miss Carey Schofield is coming back to Chitral. Its a good sign for the school administration, teachers, students and parents. We hope to see the lady back in Chitral

  5. Whenever I heard of Miss Carey I remember the lady principle at Hogwarts (Harry Potter). Anyhow, her decision is appreciated, and she is more then welcome.