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Munoor village – a symbol of unity in diversity — 4 Comments

  1. This article in Deh Ba Deh is always only about a single village at a time not the 73 villages put together.

  2. Not only Munoor, but all 73 villages present in the vicinity of Garam Chashma are beautiful, attractive for tourists, full of natural resources and habitat for different wild animals and trout fish. The unique culture of Garam Chashma is also the major source of attraction for tourists. It has got good trecking and adventure areas.
    The cool canopy of trees is also the source of attraction for national and international tourists. Hot springs present in different areas of Garam Chashma has the healing power revealed in different studies is also the source of tourist attaraction.

  3. Good to know about unity in diversity in Munoor village, if this is the whole truth then all should contribute to keep it up. Among other NGOs you had better mentioned about the role of AKRSP also in this village. For one I am a witness to the building of the village road supported by that organization not to speak of numerous other activities.

  4. Ae ma doost too wa ya nough qaumoo royaan tet d Balochistanar yaa Munoora koorar alaw.
    E Balochi no astaaani hetaan akherii too angiko koshisho kosan tan ha articlo zariaa. Waqi dish chalak ha Munoorekoo…