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KP govt trapped on Shandur — 5 Comments

  1. We should not share the managment to others who ever they are. But we should invite the GB team to participate in the event, because jo maza un ki team ko harane ma hy wo shayd kisi aur chiz m nhi. And the tournament should be played in the first week of June because its the time when more and more people can come to Shandoor for the festivel. And our MPAs and MNA should come forward to play their roles.

  2. I think it is better to know the reality. One should read the MOU and then comment here. There is no any point in the MOU regarding sharing of land with GB. Shandur is the property of Chitral and it will remain the property of Chitral.

  3. Who says that we shared the management of our land? First know the ground reality, and then pass your comment.

  4. There is a facts and findings in the statement of Dr. Faizi because a resourceful representation from Chitral (the traditional hosting side of the festival) should be over there to steer the meeting for taking of right decision.

  5. The fact that two of the representatives of Chitral were present on the occasion means they failed to represent Chitral. How can we share the management of our land with a non-local, who is only welcomed to participate as a guest? I, along with many others, appreciate that Dr Faizi has been writing on this topic from historical perspective and hope to read more from him.