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Mobile service, 3G connectivity in Yarkhun before Oct 10, says MNA — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Hello Yarkhun. Since Oct 10 I am trying to connect a mobile phone, let alone 3G connectivity, to my friend in Yarkhun after hearing the good promise by our MNA. Today it is Oct 15 and I am being told that there is no wind of any mobile service in Yarkhun. I would like to request the MNA to clarify why he lied to us by promising that mobile service will be launched in Yarkhun on Oct 10, 2014. The MNA should not talk in air, he would be held accountable.

  2. We the people of Yarkhoon appreciate from the core of our heart the efforts of our MNA for introducing Mobile service and 3G internet connectivity by the next month. Really a wonderful news. People of the area have been demanding for telephone/ mobile service for the last couple of years, which took new momentum in the recent months in the shape of large scale public meetings. Last one was held in Miragram No.2 Yarkhoon on 17 August. Watching the empty towers for years was really depressing. The happy news conveyed to the people, not less than by the MNA himself, is encouraging. We don’t have any reason to disbelieving an announcement with a deadline. We hope this time our dreams will not go sour, and the views expressed by a valued writer remain only apprehensions.

  3. Wakhanar albat 3G aur mobile service import koyan Yarkhunot. First he should ensure these services in Chitral town. Our MNA is a daydreamer because he has told Chitralis all pipedream things after writing them in a piece of paper. Recently he had also claimed that he had got approval for providing LPG to Yarkhun and about 13 other areas of Chitral. If I am wrong wait till Oct 10 to see the mobile service and 3G internet in Yarkhun valley.