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Zait where love and hatred go together — 4 Comments

  1. Instead of talking about all these non-issues the people who are talking tall of good and bad things at Zait village, the people should suggest to the authorities concerned for making some tangible efforts to stop power theft in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The corrupt PESCO officials should play their due role in eradicating the menace of corruption besides raising voice over hiring of non-Chitralis in Golen Goal power project.

  2. No doubt,the valley where love and hate go hand in hand,but 1982, Sectarian Clashes and 2000 situation took their roots from Zait.The initial sparks of the fire which burnt our beautiful home land were lit here in this valley.

  3. Superb write up and the caption is fairly fit for it. Here i would like to rectify that the saint is not Syed Riza. He was Awlad Hussain the grand son of Muhammad Riza i Wali who is buried in Sonoghur.