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Are we ungrateful or playing to the gallery? — 3 Comments

  1. Sir,
    As compared to last year, the timing of Lowari tunnel opening is very long that is
    twice a week but SRSP made the boring and cumbersome travel a little bit pleasant by constructing waiting facility at the Chitral side of the tunnel. I spent a few hours waiting in the shelter house and observed that all the passengers are praying for SRSP Chitral and its visionary management which thought about this idea. It goes to the credit of
    SRSP Chitral management that they established such a crucial structure for the community members, as there is no such facility available in Dir side. Hence SRSP in general and its management in Chitral particularl are appreciated for this facility. Whatever I am expressing is not only my views it is the view of all the passengers who are passing time in the waiting room and enjoying.

    Abdul Nasir,
    President Human Rights

  2. Construction of waiting room at tunnel point is such a step which is highly valued by each and every passengers getting avail of the facility. SRSP realization of constructing such facility for the people of Chitral is highly commendable and we regard it as nice step. Especially Management of SRSP in Chitral is so visionary that they thought about the idea. The project is well planned, well executed and managed in proper manner. I appreciate SRSP Chitral management and convey large numbers of passengers thanks to SRSP Chitral management for establishing such facility for the people. Having some time in the waiting room we realize that only NGOs are realizing problems of common man.