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Dizg, the saint’s village — 5 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed reading the article on Dizg by Samsam Ali Raza. Besides its informative benefit, it is interesting to know that a very busy advocate has reserved a few minutes for his native village and it reflects his love for his birthplace. It is also an encouraging development that our advocates can be good writers as well. To add a few words to the write-up, I would like to tell the readers that Dizg has the honour to produce the first graduate of the valley, the first gazetted officer and educationist in the person of Ali Akbar Khan; the first advocate, Mr. Samsam Ali; the first MBBS doctor of the Yarkhun valley, Dr. Asad Ali, the first teachers, Mr. Mas Khan and Zar Murad Khan; and the first journalist Mr. Zar Alam Khan. Congrats to Ali Raza for his beautiful article. Keep it up.

  2. I visited Dizg about 10 years back along with my grandfather. At a house in Dizg, we were told that Metar Qalamdar used to sit in meditation at the house of his teacher and the meditation house is still preserved though the old house of Mohammad Ghaus is no more there. We visited the Ziarat of Qalamdar Baba but it was in pathetic conditions and his house fallen. The saint is still known by the people as Sasiri Baba. Good to read the piece in Chitral Today and we must look for more such articles.

  3. Enjoyed reading the article by Sam Saam Ali Adv, especially the story about Qalamdar Baba.

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  4. A vast information provided by Sam Sam Ali Advocate. I appreciate him for sharing his marvelous information with us. This type of information is necessary, especially for us (youth) to be aware of our history and the work done by our great ancestors.

  5. Although in my opinion it is not the complete history of Dizg. But still whatever information has been provided in this write-up is interesting and very good effort to highlight our native village.