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Deh ba Deh: Balim, the boat village — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Mr Zakaria Ayobi. Your comments are rewarding for me. However there is a clarification which I have to make. I think you or the singer you met have mixed it up. Venue for the song Nan Doshi was another village of Laspur Valley, that is called Broke, one the right bank of Chitral River on Main Shandoor Road. It is third village from Shandoor. The house of the parents of Nan Doshi is still intact. I wish Mr. Bulbul Aman Shah, Mr. M. Ibrahim Khan, Mr. Dinar Khan or Mr. Ghulam Qadir take some time to write a profile of village Broke alongwith the story of Nan Doshi for Deh Ba Deh. I would love to read it.

  2. Excellent and scholarly article on Balim which is a very beautiful village of upper Chitral. We would like to have such information about more and more villages. Very good initiative, keep it up.

  3. I was introduced to this village during my graduation era when a well-known singer of Chitral visited me and in a musical night with the elders of my village he sang the song of Nan Doshi. The singer gave a brief introduction of the song and the tale to which the song is related. The venue in the plot of the tale was Balim. From that day, Balim was a mystic place for me for being a part of our literature and traditional history. Now by this piece of writing, my great teacher has fully introduced me with the historical land of Balim. Thank you so much Dr Saheb and thanks ChitralToday.