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Chitral declared den of wheat embezzlement, corruption — 2 Comments

  1. This is the right time to expose all members of this corrupt maphia (politicians, food deptt officials, contractors) in Chitral, recover amount of national exchequer from them, beside penalty and sentences given by the court of law. This maphia has been sucking the blood of whole Chitral nation particularly poor masses in the most difficult and far flung areas of Chitral, like Yarkhoon Lasht , Broghol, Sore Laspur, Terich, Lot over, Rech, Khot, Arkari, Susum, Kalsh valleys, Madaklasht, have always been victims of their corruption in many ways.

  2. This is the tip of the iceberg. The corrupt officials of the food department hands in glove with their political master cheaters have become millionaires overnight without being held accountable. Instead of taking action against these corrupt, poor people were implicated and charged with theft of wheat and jailed. In many cases the poor people had to sell their land to pay the amount pocketed by the officials. Many politicians were also involved in black-marketing the wheat in Afghanistan. Time has come these big fish are probed and brought to justice.

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