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Build Mastuj road or face long march, warn residents — 2 Comments

  1. The local politicians with their favour contracts were awarded are equally responsible in this massive corruption. The public of Mastuj area must also raise voice again them.

  2. It means the next elections are near.The poor people of Mastuj think of a near election time before the announcement of date by election commission of Pakistan when these few local leaders of Mastuj gather and make a movement based on this Booni-Mastuj road. Their whole political career is based on this road and one point agenda. When elections are near they make a rally in Mastuj, threaten the govt, make poor people of the area fool and get their votes. After that they enjoy rest of their life and never ask about this road. Again prior to next elections they do the same drama with the same slogan. Thanks prestigious leaders, the people of Mastuj are fed up with your topi dramas and this time it will not work.