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Power houses becoming a big headache — 2 Comments

  1. Even after 30 years of social mobilization we still have to tell our communities what their role is? The ultimate goal of AKRSP and any other organization is not to do projects but to create awareness, that has been done to the best level. As a community we have to understand that no development can sustain if all the time we look at the organization to come and feed us. There are people around who live in more poverty than we are…Let’s give a chance to them to benefit and try to stand on our feet.

  2. Let me correct you if I am not wrong, in case of installed hydel power stations by AKRSP in Chitral, the ownership is at the hands of the community and once a project is completed the responsibility of maintenance also shifts to the local beneficiaries. It would be wrong to demand a lifetime guarantee from a nonprofit organization which is working for no financial reward. AKRSP had completed a large number of projects in the district but unfortunately this kind of news highlights the PARASITIC behavior of the inhabitants of Chitral.