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  1. Javed Bhai, you write very well whenever you share your thoughts with us however I have a request if it is possible. Could you please write straight instead of using allegories because that is what the society needs now. The reason for my wish is that you always write about practical issues not about something which is an indirect effect of something done somewhere rather happened due to willful wrongdoings of someone in authority or power.

    Thank you.

  2. Nice writing Javaid sahib.Thank you.The more we are grateful to the blessings Allah Almighty, the more inner happiness we can get.

  3. Wah g wah amazig and awesome tips for a happy life.Keep it up Mr.Hayat sb and more like this. I want to prints out and distribute this article to every one in the streets, schools,colleges,shops I mean every where coz this is a real and imporant konwedge for all. Thank u.

  4. حلال کی کمائی سے محروم ہونے کے سبب سے یہ تھکے ماندے ہارے لوگ نہ اس دنیا میں سکون پائیں گے اور نہ اگلی دنیا میں ۔