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  1. Unfortunately Chitral never produced any leader and a person who has or had guts of leadership. Before we had ppp provisional leaders and fortunately (masha Alkah ) they tried to develop their own assets and never talked about chitral. And now chitral does not need this materialistic world but we chitralis have voted for the day of judgement ( roze qiyamat) it’s ok our life should be hand to mouth and waite for the last day of our life. MNA and MPA both are masha Allah like muraghan khurak. They don’t care about human life and services for the human beings. They only try to stop development activities and never think about their daily activities and life. What they are wearing, and how they travel ,speakers they are using who made it ,watch they use who made it . Khoda ra please never bring them again,atleast jamar islami and ulama both have educated and visionary people. These parties should give them party tickets. These mulas type people never talk about the development of chitral because they don’t understand the concept of development.

  2. Ali Arshad sb ! We are experiencing the worst type of govt at this stage of our history. There is no window or door to knock at. There is no body to listen to you. In my life of 79 years ,Pakistan never had such an arrogant dictator. Our military rulers in the past were down to earth, people friendly and kind hearted fellows. This time around we have a Hitler surrounded by many Goebbels. The affected people of Chitral should wait untill the fall of this regime.

  3. Point well taken. Luckily Alima Khan sister of our Prime Minister was stck up in the flood for pretty 28 hours She was rescued alongwith her family members by heli copter on the directives of PM. Even after the rescue of VVIP, the PM and the CM did not pay heed to the affected people. NDMA and PDMA did not take a single step in 12 days.It shows how we are being taken care of.

  4. Well done Dr Faizi. More tragic is the fact that our govt has not taken notice of the tragedy.

    • Khan KN! Your concern is genuine but it is not relevant. Had we voted for Lateef and Israr Sabur what would have been the result? Your PM is deaf and dump. Your CM has no time for the public representatives. Your govt has no window open to the masses. There is huge gap.

    • Dr.sahab. I never voted for PTI and I like PPP but not a thief leaders and leadership. Both sessions before us.And we are witnessed. Leader and leadership never distribute contract and gets commission. Leaders strategy ,make plan with help of intellectuals in different fields and local leaderships. After that he or she makes accountable of government agencies and implementing the program. Right now these so called ullamaas even dont know and have not understanding of development strategies. Ppp mpa,s performance before you. My political knowledge is very limited and dont have complete understanding of international economics and geo politics and evensong want to know. .I know about local level responsibilities and development with the responsibilities of local representatives. You might have better understanding about all these. Offcourse we all have a big expectation from Bilawal Zardari if he leaves and stay away from the corrupt politicians.