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‘چترال کے عوام اپنے محسن کو کبھی نہیں بھولیں گے’ — 9 Comments

  1. We all acknowledge the services of General Musharaf and pray for his good health. At the same time we accept that General Musharaf is a gone and he him self doesnt see any political role for him in future. We honored Musharaf by supporting his party in 2013 and gave record votes to him. But we saw that out of Chitral the so called party couldnt elect a single counciller. These new champions of APML were criticizing APML and Musharaf at that time. Now they joined APML after being rejected from PPP and other mainstream parties. For Chitrals development we should select betweeen PML N and PTI the parties who have strong chances of winning the next election. Our favourate PPP might win the MPA seats again from Chitral.

  2. We respect Salim khan sahib and Syed Sardar Hussain Shah sahib. They are our sitting members of provincial Assembly and Salim sahib has been our Minister as well.Both are highly respectable for us.But what is wrong with Sultan Wazir sahib. Why people oppose him . He is highly educated, honest, straightforward, dedicated principled and hardworking gentleman.when he passes CSS exam and reaches to the position of Commissioner Income tax he can not run the affairs of the Assembly.

  3. I really appreciate the comments of chitrali awam and immadudin. In fact a shopkeeper deserved to be MPA, minister etc. why Sultan Wazir a highly educated person dont deserve to be MAP r MNA. He make his kids C.A, PHD,INTERIOR designer, bar at law. We are jealous, narrow minded, unsuccessful, that’s why we need leader like Salim khan, Sardar Hussain.
    We have been slave and remain slave unless we adopt a honest,useful,fruitful and sincere attitude for future of our lovely chitral and choose a leader who is bold,educated,self made and belong to a respectable family.thanks to all.

    • It is evident that the life style of Mr. Sultan Wazir and many other Chitrali ex civil servants is higher than ordinary Chitralis. If we compare their incomes (salaries+pension) etc and their expenses (living+education of children) we realize that these people have earned money through resources other than their salaries and pension. The Pakistani bureaucracy especially the income tax department is one of the most corrupt departments and we can see that from the life styles of these people with humble back grounds in Chitral who are now living billionaire’s life. Salim or Sardar Hussain they have lived in Chitral, worked in Chitral and got elected from Chitral. I dont know what these people think of them selves, PMG, Chief Officer, Sultan Wazir, Shahzada Taimur Khisrow come to Chitral after retirement and expect the people to give them hereos welcome and give them the honor of representation. Why ? you lived out of Chitral all are your life and you are not aware of the problems of the general population, you have accumulated wealth through legal and illegal means and are living a good life, you may be proud of your self but why should we be proud of your personal achievements. Your kids who are enjoying the money might be proud be of you but not we.. For us Sartaj, Sardar Hussain, Amirullah are leaders who live here , fight here and do struggle here. You live out of Chitral all your life enjoying the urban facilities and return to Chitral after retirement expecting we will elect you,in your dreams.

  4. Shehla hakim, taty royan sochan sora pabandi laiogiko haqo ka prai. Salim khan, Sardar Hussain MPA ke bonayn Sultan Wazir MPA beko no boya? Ispa ho bachain CM kursio de kam jashusayn. Magar afsos Jamhuriat may logon ko gina jata hay tola nahi jata.

  5. For your kind information all big leaders around the world are expert of financial management, economicst, and accountants.if you have a knowledge Pakistan an,s finance Minister always play with figures.I am sure Musharraf has done nothing than Zardari, Sharif’s, Dr.Asim PPP leader from Karachi, Khan’s of KPK, Molves of Pakistan even Chitral,s PPP leader Salim Khan.go and see his home in sinlasht, his bank balance , property in different areas.Musharaf is always in our hearts.his name will be written after H,H,Agha Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Prince Mohiuddin in the history of chital.Burn your mind and heart. Don’t matter what you think. Pakistan Zinda bad and Pak Army painda bad.

  6. A brar ginina awa ju saal prushti pisa te re asitam ki Sultan Wazir MNA ya MPA biko bachen PPP o name ganiran. Hanun ma lu bilkul sahi sabit hoi. Party o sadarat no toriko wa ticket o umeed no behchiko Parvez Musharaf o awano multu autitai. PPP e hash bad qismat party ki hamo te har ka khashap koni wa hamo mukhlis bo kam. Khas kori retired biru roi hamo tante asqan shikar jashunian. hamitan discourage koreli. Jie Bhutto.

  7. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/110685-How-does-Musharraf-own-over-Rs2-billion-deposits

    Mohtaram Sultan Wazir Sahib politics is different then figers game may be you are expert in this field so you lieing so sweet or may be trying to make foolish the people of Chitral.But one thing for sure the Chitrali people like any dictator nor accept your dictator as a political leader.In your press conference you said that Mushraff had never did any corruption SO PLEASE READ this article and i believe this is an eye opener for you and others Dictator fans.