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چترال میں کینسر کے بڑھتے مریض اور چترالی رضاکار — 3 Comments

  1. Darr Ayat drust Ayat .its great to see first time that Mr Sher Jahan sahib writes up with a positive way and tells truthfully regarding any Ismaili Institutions or Individuals. Before we witnessed , his alot of baseless allegations and Namnihad articles about Ismaili Institutions and individuals that working in different positions in that Institutions .some how he took pictures of the private properties and pray sides and uploaded in to media, try to tell the people that some individuals are involved to get the funds of these Institutions. “Shameful “its the greatness of the people of the areas they didn’t bother to takec notice, otherwise its against the exiting law of the country to bring pictures and information of private properties to the media without their consent. But now finally he spoke with good faith and courage about AKU and some one affiliated with AKU ,but remember AKU is an international recognized and fabulous Institution doesn’t need some ones opinion and yes we all appreciate gulbadeen for his great job as an excellent human being. He should continue this great work .One more thing I am going to mention that this Patient Walfare Dept is available in evary Aga Khan hospitals even in BMC too .so we have to thankful to those Doctors,nurses and others staffs make possible those services to the eligible people of the area according to the criteria of the hospital.

  2. Thanks to Jamati and AKDN institutions for serving the Jamat. And thanks to Mr. Gulbuddin and thousands’ of other selfless volunteers who have been silently supporting the vision of Imam and his institutions.

  3. Our sincere appreciations to Mr. Gulbuddin for his selfless services to the people needing help while visiting Karachi for treatment. Keep up the good work and I am sure there are many others who have always been rendering such voluntarily services in Karachi and other cities. Well done Gulbuddin for the good work! May Allah bless you and your family!.

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