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پیپلز پارٹی چترال میں ایک بڑی قوت بن چکی ہے:بیگم سلیمان — 5 Comments

  1. It is strange to see the lady issuing statements in media when elections are around the corner. Where has she been for so long? And what she has done to strengthen the PPP in the district except introducing her nephews to Bilawal that “after her they will be there to serve him as a faithful party worker”. It is due to people like Begum Suleman PPP is on the ventilator. The former JI guy is just killing his time by switching from one party to another along with Haji Ghulam Mohad but it is a writing on the wall that PPP has no future in Chitral. Saleem Khan-Sardar Hussain duo have put the last nail in the coffin of the party. Do my advise to the PPP’s wawi is stay home as she has never done anything for Chitral. And my advise the former Jamat e Islami guy is find some other platform or staying a party like PPP is nothing but deceiving oneself.

  2. Qabil e sad ehtiram MOhtarma our pride & we are proud of you

    Chetrarto proshto PPP niky, partio jo mohran choor rajisteran qabza kori eghoten kiarav kasinian,
    Saf khair doshmandar biti asony, koraki gonian Roy tan xanan som wahom

    Leaderan security oche dahshafgardan trail security ie qisma

    Asal pipely hetan shoya nogony

    Be adbi narazgi moaf

  3. Muhtarama is hallucinating due to senility. At her age, people prefer to sit on the prayer mat and count beads to remember Allah.