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  1. Thank you Dr Faizi sb for wonderful sum up about a lovely person. Haji yar is a man of dignity, great facilitator, knowledge loving personality with a smiling face. He has impressed each of us with his friendly attitudes, soft voice and undeniable moral character. During his 32 years service, he earned good name for his family even for entire Chitrali community to follow. Honesty, respect, humbleness, kindness and commitment were dominant factors in his respectful professional life. Dear Haji yar you really made us proud. May Allah give you more respect in the society and bless you and your family with good health and happiness. Ameen

    • My dear Dur wali sb.your excellent words about me are unforgettable .may almighty God give you good health and long life.

  2. After great writing by Dr. Inayatullah Faizi Sahib and followed by renowned and highly educated personalities of Chitral nothing is left for me. I am running short of words to appreciate sweet words, great works, excellent behaviour, love, respect , hospitality and tranquility demonstrated towards each and everyone by Mr.Hajiyar khan Sahib.In Urdu I can say شريف انسان عظيم إنسان حاجى بار خان صاحب. Wish you best of luck, long life and more happy and healthy life.

    • Khosh brar zahiruddin sb thu e pur kholos insan.tho hamesha qadro korak ,tha Shelli loan shukria Ada koriko alfaz ma sum neki .Allah Pak tha wa tha familian khoshan sathar.ameen

  3. Haji Yar Khan, a good friend of mine is a thorough gentleman. A man with a beautiful heart as Faizi sahib said Haji Yar Khan, a man as beautiful as a flower. Though, there are some secrets behind the trademark smile on his face, which no one knows except his close friends. I will reveal them all or Haji will have to bribe me…just KIDDING, comrade!
    He left no stone unturned in serving and facilitating the people of the area especially the teachers as AIOU is like a Cambridge University for those who could not make it to the University for whatever reasons.
    Rafiullah sahib is right as it is not easy to lose such a man in whose presence, the boss needs not to worry about anything. As Faizi sahib beautifully summed it up that it was this Haji Yar who managed the whole office when Maqbool sahib had to travel around the valley when AIOU regional office was established in Chitral.
    If I were Rafiuallah sahib, you know what I had done to Haji? I would have tied his legs to his table when he wasn’t looking so that he could never leave us, because it is not an easy thing to say goodbye to a man like him.
    Anyhow, dear Haji! Now you are leaving, miscellaneous expenses of AIOU will go down, efficiency of the university’s regional office will be doubled, deadlines will be met, the office will open on time and Rafiullah sahib will need not to worry about anything, etc. On a serious note, the exact opposite will happen!

    • My dear brother.thanks for your beautiful comments.may Allah help the staff to do all the best in favour of aiou.i hope my friend wl guide best in this connection.

  4. A lot of appreciations for the official as well voluntary services of Mr Hajiyar Khan. We wish him long, happy, voluntary life ahead.

  5. Respected Dr Faizi sahib while paying tributes to Haji Yar Khan has represented sentiments of all of us. We are happy and delighted that Haji Yar is saying goodbye to a Govt office with so much respect. It reflects all his dedication, hard work and honesty that he has been displaying throughout his 32 years long service. We also expect that he will utilize his post-retirement life for social work and well being of people in his capacity and expertise. May Allah bless him and his family with even more happiness, good health and long life (Ameen).

  6. This man has impressed everyone with his lofty moral character. He dedicates his soul to the work he is assigned. He responds to everyone with his unique smile and soft but brief words that says everything. Few people may be aware of his zeal for voluntary work. His time out of office is dedicated for the service of humanity. Happy to know of his retirement so that more of his time is spared for the work where he is needed the most-the voluntary work. I pray for his health, happiness and long life.