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پھولوں کا تہوار جو صرف ایک ہی وادی میں منائی جاتی ھے — 3 Comments

  1. @Shah Karez: I fully support the views expressed by you. Mr. Farooqi has committed blunder by telling a lie by his fabrication about the festival of the Kalash community. Working with a NGO in the valley, I have never come across such a name. The story is a deliberate attempt to impair the Kalash history for which the Kalash community should stage a protest against him and the reporter should tender unconditional apology to the community at large.The Kalash MPA Wazirzada should specially take a cognizance of it. I also request the Chitraltoday editor to vet such kinds of reports and also apologize to the Kalash community.

  2. Farooqi sahib, this is surprising for us to know of this festival as we have never heard this before. As pointed out by Dr. Khalil this festival might be the one called Purh held in October every year, the significance of this event is that during the festival walnuts and grapes are harvested, stored and the process of making wine starts, hence the merry making. Please correct yourself if you have misunderstood Purh for Phool.

  3. نام پھولڑ کا کوئی تہوار ہم نے کبھی نہ سنا نہ ہی دیکھا نہ کسی اور سے سنا ، ہمر ساری زندگی کلاشوں نے ساتھ ان کے ساتھ ان کے تہوار گذرتے بیت گئی .. ان تہوار کا نام شاید بلکہ یقیناً (پووڑ) ہے (پھولڑ) نام کا کوئی تہوار نہیں ہے .. پووڑ) کا تہوار اسی مہینے منایا جاتا ہے ، بدقسمتی سے میں ذرا جلدی واپس آگیا اور اس خوبصورت تہوار میں شامل نہیں ہوسکا ..