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‘پاکستان فوری طور پربرما کے مسلمانوں کےقتل عام کو روکنے کیلئے فوج بھیجے’ — 1 Comment

  1. The Government and civil society alike must condemn the genocide in vogue in Burma. Human Right violation and genocide of any human being, be of a muslim or otherwise is a tyranny and grave injustice. it is wise to raise the issue in forum like UNGA, UNSC, ASEAN, OIC etc. However, the suggestion of sending troops to Burma is an immature understanding and depicts the immaturity of the students of Chitral . Before giving such suggestion to the govt the students must understand international compulsion on pakistan and provisions of international law related to non-intervention. Under International law no nation state is allowed to to interfere even in case of Human Rights violation by any other state. Such intervention, if ever allowed, is solely the jusridiction of UN and its SC.No sovereign state is allowed to interfere in a situation where HR is violated.
    So, the so-called students must understand law, international commitments, agreements and convention before giving their learned suggestions.Preparing a panaflex and using loudspeaker without knowledge and understanding of international perspective is a disaster!
    i must offer a food for thoughts to the students under discussion. Aren’t you aware of the consequences of nurturing Mujahideens in Afghanistan during the cold War? Is it not enough that we lost more than 80 thousand lives in WoT-a logical conclusion of the spillover effect of nurturing mujahideen during 80s? Now, how come you suggest to give birth to another generation of Mujahideen in our Soil?
    So, come out from your narrow approach and embrace new realities with prudence and understanding. Which Mujahideen you are taking about? of LeJ? of Jamatud Dawa? TTP? of ETIM? or, of AlQuaida? All are banned in Pakistan. The real Mujahideen, if any, are the soldiers of Pakistan Army not that of this or that proscribed outfits……