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وزیر زادہ کو صوبائی کابینہ میں شامل کیا جائے — 2 Comments

  1. ‏نہیں نگاہ میں منزل تو جستجو ہی سہی

    نہیں وصال میسر تو آرزو ہی سہی

    I would rather advise Wazirzada from Bumburat to be grateful, let me repeat GRATEFUL, for what he has gotten. And whatever he has gotten is given to him after hectic efforts by a well wisher of Chitral. Otherwise, a man representing hardly 4000 Kalash community does not merit to be handpicked as an MPA against seats reserved for minorities. Somebody do tell him to stop jumling in the air. Also, remember that this is thr first and the last time anybody from Kalash community is handpicked otherwise there are people waiting in queues rather begging to be chosen for becoming an MPA on reserve seats.

  2. کیوں نہیں. اگر سلیم خان وزیر بن سکتا ہے تو وزیر زادہ کیوں نہیں؟ اسکا تو نام بھی وزیر زادہ ہے اور اول الذکر سے زیادہ فعال شخصیت ہے .