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  1. The honorable writer Mr. Ali Khan exactly sounds like the PM NS when on his previous visit to Chitral he raised his fingers and asked Chitralies.. Aap ko pata hai ek arab mai kitne karor hotay hain:). It reminds me of a D-grade popular slogan during our student life which said like this “izzat ka kya hai izzat ani jani cheez hai, bas bande ko besharam hona chahiye”. What you are suggesting is more or less the same, “I am giving you the money that’s what you need, you don’t have the right to question me calling you inferior race who don’t know how to speak the national language”? Well, if this is what you are concerned with, and if some of us have caused pain to your inner feelings; I render my apology but please do not expect me to say it wasn’t wrong, unwise, immature and deplorable.

  2. Can we please talk about the mega projects which are being initiated and which are going to change the face of Chitral and our entire living standards ? Why do we discuss this non sense and ignore the real outcomes of the PMs visit which are around 50 billion ruppees for the people of Chitral

  3. Why people of Pakistan like those in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan or KP do not know Chitralis. Why there is misconception about you people. Even prime minister of the country does not know you people, why. You people have lived among high mountains for centuries totally closed to world for half of every year like mice in a hole. You have died of frost and cold and buried under snow on Lowari top never to be found again. Does anyone ever knew of your miserable life while travelling on Lowari top in winter, do anyone of you remember sleeping in pens like hotels in Ashiret or Ziarat so that early next morning you would be crossing the Lowari top amid thousands of feet deep snow??? When someone died in cities, did you remember how the people of Chitral carries the dead body across the Lowari. There is a long list of miseries, humiliations and troubles we have gone through for years and years but without anyone even knowing them.
    Still we have lots of skeletons in our cupboards such as Chitral is known in Punjab and other parts of Pakistan where young women can be married after paying some money. But when we speak about ourselves we become King Bahadar Shah Zafar and I have never seen any people or any person praising themselves for nothing. (Nashk richo Ruum Asmantu).

    The answer to my first question about why nobody knows about us is that we have been living in a hole. Now thank to Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif we are coming out of the black hole. If the tunnel is built, a motorway will link you to the outside world, you will travel to and from any part of the country like other civilized people travel in a developed country. There will be a big university and more colleges and professional institutions. People will come to you form other parts of the country and world and see your civilization, culture and traditions and you will not need to shout that we can understand Urdu. You will be speaking in all the languages.
    If Nawaz Sharif has used some derogatory language against you, it shows his level and nobody in any other parts of the world will declare you bad or good on a word of a politician. But my advice to you is try to understand your geographical and social limitations and work for the development of your area and welcome anyone supporting you.

  4. Dear, if you write for re-construction of Reshun HPP, repair and widening of Booni road which is in dilapidated condition it was service for the people of Chitral. You do not have even basic needs of life like road and electricity but still you claim to be an educated community. If you would be educated, enlightened and aware then condition of your roads, electricity and other infrastructure would be different. How many time did you protest for reconstruction of floods and earthquake and what was response of your CM and Imran Khan??? How many developmental projects your leader Imran kHan initiated in Chitral???? People of Chitral welcome developmental initiatives of PM because it will bring peace and prosperity in the area. PM Zindabad we respect your love for the people of Chitral which you said in your speech. “Ma ap logon say bhot ziada piar karta hon, kia ap bi muj sa piar karta han?” PM Said in his speech.

  5. A very well written piece by Nayyar almost depicting the emotions of most or majority of the us. I know the MNA personally and quite well and have had found him a man of good spirit and will power much alien to the political gimmicks of others in the field. Even if today you talk to him you will find him with the same determination. Even if he had gone to the PM (which he shouldn’t have done; but may have thought; would be better for the people of Chitral), the question arises, what was the need for PM to raise the topic at such a gathering, in Chitral, talking to the very people of Chitral. Yar parda/lihaz bhi koi cheez hoti hai. Baat karne ka bhi koi saliqa tariqa hota hai, ye kia k aap k ji mai jo aye aap bolte jayen. See our PM is rightly criticised for his love for food and lack of intelligence(ye khane k liye jeenay walon mai se hain), you can expect him to do sorts of follies but not the one’s like he did in Chitral. The MNA should at least give a statement in the local press to explain the whole thing. Finally, I do not agree with those brothers and sisters who say that in the last elections Iftikhar sb got votes because of his father or family affiliations. The conditions were such that he could not get sufficient votes of his own in order to win his seat though he may have got a good number of votes from well wishers. He did contest with the Muhsin e Chitral slogan which is widely used for Gen. Musharraf. The issue is not what Iftikhar sb did or did not; the real issue is what Mr. Sharif did-and that is for the second time. Pashtuns can’s speak Urdu properly neither Balochis nor Sindhis; can he say the same words to them; in their areas?

  6. What else do chitrlies need ,I think this is the big development and unique : MeherbNi for the poor people anywhere they are around the world from chitrlies.chitralis are slaves doesn’t matter where they are? When they see Royal people they offer their gooll,and kiss their hands. This is the big debate,dont go after them. Pakistan remains feudal and will stay same.

  7. A ma khosh brar.. Horo lu kia ghalat de no, ispa Iftikharo walid sahibo sum choki, kia kia partia no baghatam. Ispa apakan ki no rasian amalan rootu deru wa, Muhyuddin sahib kia partia de ki boghaw asoor ispa hatoghotan vote deti haya wakht hoi ,, horo ispa ki hosh no kosyan Nawaz Sharif tha hosh koyan kia.. Chetraro hawala royan no shakhsiato ziat ahmeyat shr, kam az kam tarikh hash ro. Yaqeenan pisa de yad boi ei zamana. Govrrnor fazal haq haya luo de brmala deti asitai, awa chetrartu sirf Burha uddino bachan goman ray,, Matan yaqeenan hash sarairan,cheyraro roi Iftikharotan de ha qasma tan vote doni micha ki togho dadotain diwoshtani,, mawo chay ta hami lu kos kura kara donyan.facecooka be Khalil jughooru ki nrwashitaw hy sisila awa de bo tarai asum , koi no chakoonyan kia khabar kia waro hosh kooni ispa brar gini… Bo shali newashi asus.. Magam kash kos aqli de ki nishyseer.No boyan hy gola bah koreko syasat hanisan de tan kormo koyan… Shazda ta gola bah ki arar, heghar lot azaz ta khyala khor kiagh boya???

  8. People have elected Shehzada Iftikharuddin from the plate form of APML and he has vividly expressed it that people have voted him because of Pervaiz Musharraf. Now if as per PM he is of PMLN esoterically then it is cheating with people.

    Our leaders shoudl be clear to us as per Batin and Zahir.

    Jazan Saudi Arabia