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منصورآمان ایک فرض شناس، بااخلاق، باکردار پولیس افسر — 5 Comments

  1. Dr. Salma . If that is the case why good number of doctors like you struggle to pass CSS exam I just wanna know .. There are good number of doctors working as DDPO DPO , assistant commissioner etc , i really don’t understand that. If he was not DPO why he was suppose to sit in bunker in Siachin ?? he is not soldier he is police officer and police never go on battle field ,, didn’t you know that? .. looks like you are looking down from moon .. Or you have failed CSS exam like thousand of other doctors .. hihihihihihi join me on facebook
    (Khalil Jughooru)we can discuss some more important issues

  2. Dr. Salman is right when she says that these BABOOS are looked upon as supernatural beings in backward areas like ours, otherwise they are ordinary public servants carrying out their assigned duty for which they are paid from the tax payer’s money. The reason that we are impressed from these government servants aka bureaucrats reflects our slavish mentality and moral decrepitude. Our brothers bow down their heads in front of them in the hope that they might get illegal favour. They are persistently being provided the space to demonstrate arrogance of Pharaonic proportion in public gatherings.

  3. It is quite painful when an educated man that too a lawyer writes like this. It makes no sense when a well established lawyer talks like this. At first instance it was not necessary at all. Was it? It wasn’t. He is an ordinary public servant doing his job. The only distinction of the officer on whom the lawyer is at a loss for words is that he is lucky enough to have gotten a place in the police service. Otherwise he would have been sitting in bunkers up in the mountains of Siachin. For people of Chitral a govt officer – whether an SP or a DC – is considered as a big gun. But in other areas, people don’t even bother to talk about these baboos. To cut the long story short, bureaucracy is the reason behind backwardness of areas like Chitral where people are yet to go a long way in realizing that these chaps are nothing but ordinary public servants. No offence but don’t post such stuff as it is in no way a healthy practice.

  4. (Pori dunya main misali police,?) I think it is too much .. slow down wakil sahab ,, DPO is obviously doing at his best, Unfortunately he is there just for couple of years only as per govt rule regulations. We the public must do our best to maintain the good practices he has introduced, without support of general public nothing possible to carry forward.