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ملکی ترقی کے حوالے سے نواز شریف نہایت وسیع وژن رکھتے ہیں: شہزادہ افتخار — 5 Comments

  1. The contribution of MNA for the development of Chitral is commendable. He tries his level best to bring developmental projects to Chitral, so that the socioeconomic conditions of the people would change. Being not part of central government he made it possible for the Prime Ministers to visit Chitral three times. Electrification of Chitral town and rest of the district through Golen Gol Powerhouse, inclusion of Gilgit, Chitral and Chakdkdara Road in CPAC, Timely completion of Lawari Tennel are some of the examples of his contribution.

  2. There is no doubt the Nawaz Sharif is the sincere political leader and have tremendous vision for development of Pakistan. He has not only played positive role for development of Chitral but his efforts for development of whole Pakistan is remarkable.

  3. MNA sb has been doing wonderful job for development of chitral since he elected .

  4. Well done MNA your efforts will always be remembered. The credit of eccentricity supply to Chitral Town is also goes to you. We know that some politician are trying to get the credit through cheap politics.extent your every possible efforts to provide the said facility to upper Chitral also.