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لینگ لینڈ سکول اور حکومت کا کرپشن فری پاکستان ڈھنڈھورا — 2 Comments

  1. Bravo man, you have some guts you said something no one can dare in otherwise a district or so called brave people. Shahzada actually runs things like a mafia and specially in this school case he has destroyed the institute completely just to claim a fake pride for his family. He always wanted to project this school to the west as a brainchild and project of elite royal family to the poor peasants of Chitral. When I heard this claim from few of his guests in Islamabad I was shocked and my correction of facts wasn’t enough. A contractor or a hotel manager should never have been in the BoD of a school, he has no educational credentials but in our land you just need to Own a big car to do whatever you want and people will wait for you with garlands and call you Fakhre chitrar.

  2. Thank you for writing this daring piece, brother. While most of our esteemed columnist are beating around the bush and the others, who seemed to have a solution for every problem in the world have vanished in the thin air. since It is a lot easier to aim at a hypothetical enemy, but when it comes to real issues, involving the corrupt elite of the society, very few have the audacity to raise their voice, and you are one of them.
    This debacle is an example of the corrupt elite, putting the futures of thousands at stake for their vested interests. Unfortunately, they have forged the kind of relationship with the current, imbecile government, which gives them a free hand in manipulating the system the way they have done in many instances in recent path. The brave young people of Chitral should take a stand to save this iconic institution which has been built by Chitralis, for Chitralis and should be run by the very capable Chitralis.

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