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لواری ٹنل میں انسانی آفت: منتخب نمائندوں اور صحافی میں فرق — 5 Comments

  1. Cannot compare Geo news with a political leader. The journalist only passes on the news and has no further responsibility, but the leader has to solve the problem, which in our case they cannot do, therefore they hide themselves lest the people abuse them and misbehave with them.

  2. All this suffering is the gift of PPP government. The work on tunnel remained disturbed for 5 years during PPP government. Therefore, I think PPP is responsible for the suffering of Chitralies. It is high time to sensitive the people of Chitral so that they are not deceived again by PPP in the name of new leadership. I am sure social media can play a key role in sensitizing the public opinion. Those who speak in favour of PPP have been the beneficiaries. I see some individuals holding press conferences in favour of PPP and many of us know their credibility in the public. They have received funds to there person use in the name of public interest. I can name those as well. So NO MORE PPP PLEASE!

  3. Plz it was their reponsibility to fix lowari issue before snowfall.Dnt try to give undue favour to our MPAS.May be Saleem Khan has given you some favour.Speak the trurh in the interest of our future,orherwise, chitralis will suffer again and again and auch horrible incidents occurs. Im in westren country and these things are not tolerable/acceptable. To me our MPA’s are a piece of cake although they make money and one day they will be countable for the illegal wealth…ok…

  4. If any one wants to write kohwar or urdu please don’t use English alphabet. Use urdu or kohwar alphabet . Its difficult to read.thank you

  5. Ary bhai sab ye Traffic mismanagement ki wajeh say gariyan phas k 2 din tak chalti rehe tunnel may koi he nai raha tha, road sirf ek gare bemushkil guzarsakti the phir Dir side say traffic khatam hoi nai the Chitral side say chore gai is wajeh say traffic phas gai 48 ganta say b ziada muntakhab numaindon nay traffic to nai kholna hota