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قیوم استاد نایاب نہیں تو کم یاب شخصیات میں سے ایک ہیں — 3 Comments

  1. The author must not distort the facts by saying that so and so used to read Dawn newspaper by sitting at a dusty primary school in a backward Booni village. Forget about 1980s, I don’t think Dawn is easily available even in today’s Booni. I don’t know why some people can not stop EXAGERATION.

    • shafqat Yoy may be right in your thoughts. likewise, I also do not believe in it but it was stated by Qayoom Ustad. I am sure he was not lying. Shafqat just takes it as a piece of information and try to prob other people as well. I did ask some individuals they were not sure about Dawn Newspaper but they remember there used to be an English Newspaper
      ( Shafqat I am also not very much clear about the statements of people. you seem to research minded individual please help us in informing the people about the existence of this particular newspaper I will be looking forward to you. you can reach me at shamstashhabiba@gmail.com. I am looking forward to your mail )

  2. Sham’s article on the life and achievements of Qayyum Ustad is worth reading and insightful. The only flaw in the write up is the lack of preciseness. When a writer goes into unnecessary details distracting the readers’ attention from the theme, the literary taste and sublimity in a literary piece is lost. I am a regular reader of Shamsul Haq. It’ s to encourage the writer to build on his style and technique because there is always a room for improvement.