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فوزیہ بے قصور — 3 Comments

  1. The writer should not have given a sweeping statement about the innocence of Fozia Bibi. After all she has been accused by the party high command after two months of investigation. It is not a joke. She should prove her innocence in court instead of a press conference.

  2. There is no one to ask saleem how he become so rich from a shop keeper. Its pakistan politics that they only become politician to do corruption and become rich. They never become apolitician not to serve the community just to make money. How rich saleem khan father was?????ànybody can relize??? The bad luck is we never realize anything and have become slave of those who have haram money. The real politicians were late Atalegh and qadir nawaz. the rest are rubbish and corrupt and poor blood by born….shame ahame… ppp is fucked up after z.a.bhutto and benazir in the hand of corrupt zardari but still we are the jiyale…shame again…thanks..

  3. The writer must know that Fozia is too small a fry for a seasoned politician like Pervez Khattak. He is the man who has kept the party intact in KP despite all odds. Fozia could be important for you but u must not say she was kind of a threat to Pervrz Khattak. We all know the importance of the women who was handpicked on a seat reserved for women. Also if she had taken money so what…can anybody prove into the wealth amassed by Saleem Khan as how he became rich after becoming MPA. Chitrali politicians are equally corrupt and we salute Imran Khan who kicked them out from the party. Apni izat ka rona rona band kero…hisaab do kider se aaye yeh paise in siysatdanon ke paas???