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غداری کر نے والوں سے پارٹی کی صفوں کو پاک کیا جائے۔مولانا عبدالرحمن — 4 Comments

  1. When politics is measured in the strickest sense of principle,vision and manifesto then only a handful of politicians will qualify this yardstick in Pakistan, and that is the biggest dilemma of this nation right from grassroot politics to highest echelon of power. The only politics rife in this land of pure infact are horse trading,lotacracy, turncoatcracy and selling oneself to the highest bidder or more aptly political prostitution. The provincial legislatives have done a good job by inserting the section 78A in the LG Act and the show of hand for electing the nazim, so that the black sheep could be exposed, deseated if defected the party.Thus each party by law should despose the dirty eggs from their midst.However,Maluana Abdur Rahman should not lose heart as being ditched by the members of his own party as the party itself and the JUI cheif Maulana Fazlur Rahman himself has special knack for power lure and expecting principle of Maulana Abur Rahman from these run of the mill members of JUI is too much for asking.

  2. honestly speaking, if these members are deseated, then J UI will never be able to regain that seats. J UI is nothing w/o J I support. J UI uses religion for political gain.

  3. ڈسٹرکٹ ںاظم کے الیکشن کے بعد جے یو اءی کے بہت سارے خیر خواہ سامنے اگے ہیں۔ یہ لوگ اس وقت کہاں تہےجب مولانا عبدالرھمان کوہ سے الیکشن لڑرہے تہے۔

  4. The time has come that Maulana Abdur Rehman must gear up efforts to deseat the those who violated the party policy. There should be reelection as any negligence to give a free hand to Mafirat Shah and Co will be disastrous for all the political parties. The DC has already been accused of gifting the local govt to Jamat e Islami with the help of AAC Abdul Akram. And any compromise by political parties to deseat the members and hold reelection will be a guarantee for JI’s victory in 2018 general elections. The time is rife that all those who violated party policy should be taken to taskor else be ready to make arrangements for starting stone crashing business as “barood” will be easily available in Chitral because the right man is now at the right position.