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شاہ صاحب ۔۔ مکرم شاہ صاحب — 4 Comments

  1. I salute Javed Hayat sb, who acknowledged the great services of a great educational leader Mukharam Shah of Chitral. Javed Hayat sb nicely summarized the glorious periods of his life, who devoted his entire life for noble cause of serving the people in the field of education to make difference in their lives. His love for knowledge became the great source of inspiration for young generations of entire Chitral. He proved himself a great educational leader motivator and change agent to educate the parents to send their children to schools for learning.
    No doubt, limitations live only in our minds if we willing to do something differently possibilities become limitless. Mukharam Shah sb had such great qualities that there is no limitations in his mind and believed to make everything limitless by his strong determination and continue hard working. I feel proud to tell the audiences that Mukharam Shah sb was a close friend of my father and a great teacher of my elder brother Col (R) Ikram -Ullah of Laspur and he used to visit my home to meet my father and we have a great honour for him and his entire family.
    He always tried to inspire others by his actions and words. People with God gifted abilities and minds like Mukharam Shah always set such glorious example for other people to follow. No doubt, Javed hayat sb, he really deserves much tributes and appreciations to acknowledge his countless efforts and unbelievable contributions in the field of education. May Allah bless him with good health and long life.

  2. A befitting tribute to a gem in the field Education in Chitral. Mukarram Shah sahib is a very forthright and no-nonsense personality. It is a treat to converse with him.

  3. خاکہ نگاریوں جادو گر رینی تاتے۔۔۔ بو بو شیلی نیویشی اسوس ۔ کاش اوا دی ہموش نیویشاک بیروا

  4. Very well written indeed, I’m touched beyond words. I am proud to be the nephew of Mukarram Shah. My hero would be my uncle. I chose him as my hero because he’s a great person and he has always been teaching right and wrong. He can make anyone that’s in a bad mood feel happy and make them laugh. Whenever someone is sad or depressed, he usually cheers them up with a funny story from his life. It is strange how he never runs out of stories to tell. Simply he is genius & an amazing person.
    May Almighty Allah give him the best of health and cover all of us with his mighty hands.