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سنی و اسماعیلی عوام نے فرقہ ورانہ تعصب دفن کر دیا۔ رضیت بااللہ — 4 Comments

  1. It is only to justify MMA vicious campaign on sectarian basis. It’s second time NMA used this vicious strategy for election. It’s our bad luck we have these leaders.

  2. The previous elections in Chitral were totally based on sectarian grounds. The Molvis used Madrassas and Mosques for the said purpose openly.

  3. Total mis-statement. Election campaign on sectarian basis was worst so far in this election. One side did it openly while the other did it clandestinely. The molvis were threateningly aggressive and that is why they snatched votes in many Ismaili majority areas where the voters voted for them not in reverence but out of fear. On the eve of elections mollvi group openly declared elections as war between Islam and Kufr and most voters who are naive and easily impressionable fell for their narrative.
    So this gentleman claiming that sectarianism was buried in these elections is talking nonsense and fooling the people.

    • It is an irony that we forget about the success of Salim Khan who was voted with vast majority in Lotkoh area which is Ismaili-dominated area where he played his Ismaili card but the Maulvis are blamed for fanning sectarianism. The very result of Lotkoh shows that they voted to Salim Khan and Israruddin despite the fact that they belonged to two different political parties. It is quite bakwas and rubbish to say that the Maulvis threatened the Ismailis to vote in their favour. If the Ismaili community voted to MMA this time, they did it by their free will and perhaps they reciprocated the Sunni votes which went to Salim Khan which elevated Salim Khan consecutively for two terms. It is a fact that there is communal harmony between Sunni and Ismaili at this time in higher degree than ever before. We should not spoil this environment by out foolish comments. I would like chitraltoday.net not to publish the comments etc which jeopardized the peace and harmony of the area. These are the statements of a worker (khamosh sipahi) of PPP.