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  1. Dear Sir. i agree with your visionary analysis. the virtual environment is a double-edged sword, which destroys and has destroyed the youngsters of the west/Europe as well as those of our world. In order to inhibit this trend, the responsibility lies equally on the govt, educational institutions and the parents.
    As a nation we have failed on many fronts and rearing of kids is one aspect.We have failed as a state, we are failed as educational institutions and we have failed as parents. The educational institution, the society, parents and everyone around expect a child to score high through hook or crook.to meet the expectation of the people a young soul becomes so anxious and disturbed that his/her mind seeks for a solace in any thing and cyber world becomes their best option, from there they not only download games but are exposed to activities not even appropriate for the elderly. Although, this is topic of lengthy discussion, but as a single suggestion, i would say that, the youth from their early age must be exposed to their spiritual part of existence in a profound way. Otherwise, mere talking about values, ethics and giving them theoretical data/lectures about religion and allied things is not going to work. Neither banning Youtube etc is a wise option.
    Tail Piece:
    I would like to request all the interested viewers of this site to initiate an intellectual discussion on this issue in this very platform.Many experts, intellectuals, educationists and scholars are viewers of this site. They can share their views for the benefit of our society. Otherwise, the tradition of commenting on non-issues is not a worthy thing. This is a real issue to be discussed!
    Sir, You have highlighted a very crucial issues. I expect, the educated viewers of chitral to open up this issue for intellectual discussion on this very site, so that a wise strategy may appear to inhibit the trend without looking towards the people in the Uniform.