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روا داری اور خود احتسابی کی مہم — 2 Comments

  1. Imtiaz sb ! I have High respect for your point of view. This attitude is reflected in the parliament.

  2. I disagree with you, sir. Intolerance and hatred are not promoted by loudspeakers or parliament etc. These scourges have increased at a rapid speed in society since PTI was pumped up post-2011 Lahore managed public gathering. I was expecting that this party and its head and workers may learn a lesson or two and reach maturity once the party makes a govt. But since coming to power, it is one year even Imran has failed to realize the importance of his seat and continues spreading venom against all those who differ with his opinion. Even when the nation needed unity and harmony, he failed to bring all political parties having representation in parliament to one platform and continued his drive of silencing the opposition.
    When such a immature and hatred minded man is leading the country with all the bad mouthing youthias how our young generation will learn to be tolerant and civilized. This is very disappointing.