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ذوالفقارعلی بھٹو کی زندگی کا مختصر تعارف — 3 Comments

  1. ZA was guilty on following accounts.
    1.He prodded the poor about their rights but did not tell them about their responsibilities. Result was a distorted society.
    2. He drew a wedge and fomented hatred between the haves and havenots and exploited the same for political mileage
    3. He refused to accept SH Mujib as Prime minister despite having won majority, trampling democratic principles and causing cessation of East Pak.
    4. He nationalised profit making industries and handed management to ‘jialas’ who considered it their right to use them as war booty (maal e ghanimat) and destroyed them in no time.
    5. Bhutto displayed glaring hypocrisy on more than one occasion. He himself consumed Alcohol and admitted it but banned alcohol after being pressed by the mullas, not because he believed in it but out of political expediency.
    ZA Bhutto nevertheless showed bravery and dignity in going to the gallows solemnly- something that cannot be but appreciated.

  2. Feudals never be a democratic leader . Fuedals and capitalists always be selfish and think about their own interests and control. But poor people need feeding so we are happy with ten ounce bread and one kg salt. This means Pakistan and Hindustan. After 1947 so we have one leader and he is Mr.imran Khan.

  3. So z A Bhutto was also brought by the army dictator. Wow…how he became a democratic leader.