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ذاکرمحمد ذخمیؔ ایک ا لہامی شاعر — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t agree more. Zakhmi sb is an asset and such talents are born in centuries. Writing is an art and the respectable writer has an amazing talent to do justice with every topic he delves in. These two are not in any way less than the urdu poets mentioned. Stay blessed sirs.

    • Bo Bo shukria ta sheli alfazan bache ….. alfaz bo taqat she ..پر نہیں طاقت پرواز ضرور ہے ۔۔۔۔

  2. مجھے معلوم تھا اُردو میں خشکی میں نہر نکالا جاتا ہے ، شمس صاحب اِسے شوتخار میں کرکے دیکھائی۔

  3. Everything should have a limit and relevance to ground realities. You should join any of Pakistan’s textbook boards.

    • Imtiaz i did not get you as why u pushing me to textbooks instead to reference books . Thanks and love for reading

  4. Like Zaidi I also went through the write up and reached the following conclusion. (someone has very nicely summed it up). “One day,When the Mullah Do-Piyaza was going back after having an audience with the Emperor, a small copper coin fell down from his pocket. It was the only money he had at that time so he started immediately searching for it. A courtier named Murad, who was one of his bitterest enemies at court, said, “Your Majesty, look at the Mullah! Did you see what a miserly he is? You have given him so many expensive gifts and bestowed plenty of money on him; still he is after a copper coin.”

    The Mullah said quickly, “My dear friend is highly mistaken, Jahanpanah! It is not because of the value of the coin, that I am looking for it. I am looking for it because one side of that coin bears your resemblance, and I don’t want people to inadvertently step on it.”

    Akbar was so pleased to hear Mullah’s reply that he took off his diamond ring and presented it to the Mullah Do-Piyaza”. Keep it up Qamar!

  5. مہ برارےکیہ حدبوئے نو ، کیہ لووان کی تو دیتی اسوس ہمی لووان نہ کا اقبال نی غالب و نا فیض آحمد فیض و بارا دیتی استانی۔ دیتی اسوس 2 شعران مثالو کوری اسوس زخمی صاحب و الہامی شاعر۔ حد ارتمی پیسہ ای کما روئے۔