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دیکھو، سمجھو اور بولو — 2 Comments

  1. Madam Taqdera was a silver spoon of dictator Musharraf before and she is vary famous targetting others with blindness.nothing is correct, authentic and up to date in her articles always.all her arguments and opinions are biased.She must rethink to a writer.according to her only Dictator Musharraf and Ik are the Holy spirits.

  2. That’s very important to first look and understand before saying or taking any decision. But why don’t you say this for your own leader Imran Khan who has become famous for taking u turns and making BONGIANS. Keep balance in what you say or write instead of targeting specific persons and parties so you can be considered a writer not a youthia blindingly following what your masters ask you to say.

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