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 دیو سائی واقعی دنیا کا ایک عجوبہ ہے  — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Principal sb-my brother,

    Thank you for sharing with us this extraordinary tale of your journey through the Deosai Planes. Although I had heard a lot about it, did watch some videos too but the way you have relayed the details of your journey; is worth reading. Did you feel safe while traveling? Any security threats i.e. chilasis and dangeriks etc.?

    Secondly, would you kindly be able to also inform the readers about who is allowed to visit this place and who isn’t? because this is near the border region and sometimes people from outside aren’t allowed to visit such places. And also please tell us whether you need to get a special permit from Gilgit to enter Deosai or you can just go there without having any permit etc.? And if a permission/permit is needed, who issues that and what are the conditions of that?

    Also You didn’t mention how many nights you had to spent on the plane? because that is one crucial information we would like to know before planning a trip next year InshaAllah!

    Finally, if you could share or inbox some pictures of the vast land that will be highly appreciated!

    Thank you once again for giving us another reason to admire this beautiful country of ours.

  2. لال ظہیر الدین ، مہ پھتوکاڑی کوشیشان لوڑی اچھی اشتیھیکو بچے بو بو شکریہ ۔ ٓپ آئیں زہے نصیب ۔ ہم انشا للہ ساتھ جائیں گے