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تحریک انصاف نے چترال میں سڑکون کی تعمیر کا اصولی فیصلہ کیا ہوا ہے: وزیر زادہ — 6 Comments

  1. @Shehla xoor .. Some sources say that the announcement he has made is correct. The money is allocated as a special fund to promote tourism in Chitral, not sure though

  2. The public representatives of Chitral are requested to take notice of the repair work of Broghil road done by the people on self help basis, if there are any funds, the people of Broghil and Yarkhoon should be encouraged and the work they have done on their own must be appreciated by the presence of someone responsible in their midst such as MNA or MPAs. If a good initiative is not encouraged the burden of development will entirely fall on the public funds which are scarce.

    Our representatives are requested to stop playing political games, now is time to come forward and serve the people who are most in need.

  3. The NHA has issued notifications dropping a couple of important road projects from PSDP of current fiscal year. If the PTI Chitral leader or any MPA say the NHA has never issued such notifications and it is just a propaganda of their political rivals they should ask NHA to issue clarifications on its letterhead to clear the matter once and for all. This is as simple as that.

  4. افواہیں کسی نے نہیں پھیلائیں ، جو کچھ کھا سنا گیا وہ نشنل ہائی وے اتھارٹی کا نوٹیفکیشن تھا جو چترال ٹوڈے نے شایع کیا اور مجھے یہ سب اطلاغ پہلے ہی موصول ہوئی تھی. اب کروادیں یا کوئی اور ہم تو بہت خوش ہوں گے کم از کمرومبور کے لوگ مرنے سے قبل ٹرک دیکھ سکیں گے

    • You are right Doctor Uncle. The news of the Kalash MPA is just news for news and nothing more than it. One should not talk beyond the ambit of one’s power and authority. The allocation is negligible for the two road projects to start it during the current fiscal year.