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تان خشٹاران، تان زپان تان نیگور — 4 Comments

  1. You are right Beta. You have been my student , Barya, if I am not wrong .
    All unnecessary traditions should be stoped. I am happy to see you people are doing well . Stay blessed

  2. Excuse me gentleman, let me tell you one thing: you have NO RIGHT to misguide people by qouting one hadith. Pls STOP it. Islam is a complete code of life where the rights of women are fully protected and guaranteed.
    Is there anything which Islam permits which these gurls have started demanding as inscribed in the placrards? Have you read about the lives of the holy Prophet (PBUH)? Have you gone through the life Bibi Fatima? Do you know about the wives of sahaba?
    This is not the issue of the whole society if your husband is not doing your laundary. Deal with the issue at home and sort it out if you want to become his husband – may be you are not happy with the role of a good wife. Or the man who are so curious to become “zan mureed” do go for it but you have no right to spoil rest of the people in society.
    The women day event was something that even women born and brought up in west condemned. The way Pakistani women exposed themelves by displaying these dirty bannes was shameful.
    Who has given these women the right to act in such a bold manner. If they are brave enogh, tell them to go to court to fight for their rights. No one has the right to defame the whole society by acting like this. Tell the. to do whatever she wants in her individual capacity.

    • Stay blessed and cool shafqat. Thank you very much for reading and commenting on it.

  3. Thank you sir for writing this article in support of the cause and explaining it in the context of Islam, which I could not be able to do. Also, for not taking it for its face value, although I think there is nothing wrong in it that way either.
    This gives hope!