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بونی گول میں بھوت جو شاہ نواز نے اپنی انکھوں سے دیکھا — 16 Comments

  1. شکر ہے، میں نے یہ رات کو نہیں پڑھا، دن میں اتنا خوف نہیں آرہا

    • Himat afzaio bache bo bo shukria .. Mehboob Qazio chakey chutia dowa korey uleiko bash.. ho sar ghair kos dowa no chakor … bo bo shukria Ijaz

  2. Shams Lal doowan bara di kia qissa angie la do poshik bo beray khas kori qabrstanan mozho proshti.

  3. The fairy land of Chitral is full of such stories which are associated with every nook and corner of the valley. I am of the strong belief and conviction that such supernatural beings do exist which we cannot see ordinarily. Mirza Chakat is one of such characters who traversed the distance between Junali Koch (a small village near Booni) to Barandes in Ghizer district in a single day with goods of the Shah Sahib of Barandes on its back.
    I really relished to read the fear-inspiring account of one narrated by Shamsul Haq. Keep it on brother.

  4. میرے تو پڑھتے پڑھتے رونگٹے کھڑے ہو گئے، بہت ہی دلچسپ اور خوفناک۔۔

  5. I have also seen ghosts in shape of a very very tall person in white attire appearing in my front in a desert and disappearing into the sky. what was this. I still do not know. was it just an imagination??

  6. It is said that there was a gor in a deserted road passing a hillock along the river in a village in upper Chitral. That gor used to harass travellers at night. One night a notable of the village dared to catch it and went to the area at midnight. The gor first called him by his name and then hopped into his horseback. The notable swung a chaddar around the back of the gor and tightly caught it. Then the gor started pleading him to let him off and in return he would bring gold and other treasures from terichmir. But the notable did not accept. After nearing the village, he loudly called his two dogs and when they reached him, the notable threw the gor in front of them and was devoured.
    this is what I have heard from my elders but God knows everything and even Quran testifies about the existence of jins.

    • Jins can exist in a form of energy, because Jins made of fire.
      Zhandaar poshik(hallucinations) can occur in many a pathological condition like elevated level of certain chemicals travel to brain by blood and induce unusual behaviors like hallucination.
      Hallucination can occur in Hypoxia,hypercarbia,Uremia,hepatic disease and acidosis.As a health professional working in a sophisticated unit we observe these things usually. We analyze blood samples in every 30 minutes and know about acid base balance urea,lactate,bilirubin,gases,met hemoglobin,and carbon monoxide levels. We well observe the behavior change of a patient in such situation.

  7. mere khial mein xandaron ka koi existence nahi lekin insan nafsiati taur par aseeb zada ho jata hai.