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Dept delaying power supply from Golen to face ATA — 5 Comments

  1. A citizen is a fake name.The writer needs to write his name and give his identity in case he is correct and if he has any cause to promote.As we all know Mashal khan was not killed in Golen.

  2. If baboos like AC Chitral take strict positions on public welfare matters, it should be appreciated. Otherwise ‘sab acha hai’ attitude is easier for the AC, but hard on the public.

  3. My dear citizen brother/sister, Having great respect for you I would like to say that Abdul Akram Assistant Commissioner is not a Baboo but he is highly educated, honest, sincere and hardworking and dedicated officer and he has reached to this position, not because of political pressures or recommendations rather because of his hardworking, education and management capabilities.I am sure you are also well-educated personality and word used and aired don’t suit to a nice and educated person like you.So please don’t mind.

  4. The Honourable Chief Minister,
    Mr Pervez Khattak,
    Chief Minister Secretariat,
    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

    Cc to: (1) Mr Imran Khan, the Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
    (2) The Honourable Chief Secretary, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    (3) The Honourable Commissioner Malakand Division

    Dear Sir,

    It is stated that Chitral is considered to be one of the most peaceful places in the country. It is an established fact the people of Chitral are thought to be most civilised people on planet earth. They are known for their love for peace and their strong belief on philosophy of no violence. But this quality of Chitralis is taken for granted by the baboos both outsiders and local equally. A baboo if posted in the most peaceful district exploit the people to demonstrate their arrogance for their lust of power.
    The attached clipping of the press is an open statement by a resposible officer of the district administation who has recently taken over as assistant commissioner Chitral.
    In order to demonstrate the unlimited powers rests with a local magistrate he has issued a warning to try people on anti-terrorism law which is in no ways justified but an insult to the people of this peaceful district.
    These baboos who have no capacity to save precious lives and the cold blooded murder of an innocent student like Mishal Khan is one such example of the incompetence of our police and the local administration. They are yet to try the killers of Mashal Khan under anti-terrorism law but they are ready to go to any extent to harass peaceful people and those contributing for the uplift of this backward district in any capacity.
    The PTI believes in bridging the gap between masses and corrupt bureaucracy but a blind eye to these kind of misuse of authority by a magistrate could lead to further anarchy and intolerance in the society.
    It is therefore requested to kindly reign in the baboos and the official in question could indeed prove to be a test case for the PTI provincial government. If no action against the said official we will be forced to believe that PTI is not a democratic party as its sole purpose is to promote the black era of British Raj where baboos ruled the roost. Attached is the copy of the AC’s press statement which has gone viral in the local press.

    A Citizen

  5. Interesting. This could be named electric terrorism and the culprits should be given electric shocks as punishment.