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اہلیان مومی اور شالی ارکاری کے ساتھ سلیم خان کا سوتیلی ماں جیسا سلوک — 1 Comment

  1. Don’t worry young man as his elimination from local politics has become a writing on the wall with his nomination from NA-1. He kept exploiting people in the name of sect for complete ten years. He made fortune worth billions of rupees within no time. The way his bank balance, properties and new business ventures expanded despite his humble background is still a miracle like his political journey. He amassed wealth during all these years because he followed in the footsteps of his political godfather – Mr Ten Percent of Sindh.
    So the forthcoming elections will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of all corrupt people. The politics of his partner in crime from Booni Syed Sardar Hussain has already reached its logical conclusion with the completion of his five years political term as MPA. Just wait for July 25 and you will get the good news of Salim Khan’s humiliating defeat by an unknown political candidate of another political party.
    Taking advantage of the situation, I would also like to say something about the PTI candidate for provincial assembly seat. A guy educated from prestigious IBA failed to make a career despite passage of so many years has now jumped into politics on the insistence of a local Jamati cleric. I would urge him to focus on what he’s been doing instead of jumping into politics as it is not his cup of tea.